Tuesday, October 8, 2013

India in a Flash

I crossed the globe and back in a flash, the week was a whirlwind in which I hardly had time to adjust to the time zones.  But here are a quick few snaps of the journey.  India is starting to grow on me now I am a repeat traveller, it is truly unique and remains a culture of extremes.  The poverty and richness of the country is truly amazing.  I even look forward to the hotels and the food, the taste of India is nothing like what we do to it in Australia.

 Despite seeing the Taj last trip, you can never really understand what it is like to walk in front of it, and to listen to the history.  This trip I also bought back a chess set that I had been searching for.  I wanted a set to hold on to.  I remember my father teaching me to play as a very young child.  Maddison will start lessons next year at school, and we will practice at home on a set made from the same marble and precious stones at the Taj, and one day I will pass it to Maddison for her to look back on our journey together.

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