Friday, November 14, 2014

Random Ingredients - Figs

My sister was found of a fig and cranberry ball recipe.  I would have to say that it surely wasn't my favourite.  Of course now as I am cleaning and organising cupboards, post her return home, I found a stash of figs!, please help me....

Now the really interesting thing is the roasting of hazelnuts in the microwave.  Just pop them in an oven bag and shake every minute.  The kitchen was soon wafting in roasted hazelnuts!  I did sneak one just to try before I popped the rest of them into the mixture, they..I delicious.  Off to the fridge with the slice, and I shall see later if I rate it better than the fig and cranberry number my sister keeps trotting out.

Regrettably, I still have figs left over, so I will have to search out another recipe.

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