Thursday, December 11, 2014

Business Updates

It has been a very exciting month on the business planning front.  The company name has been successfully registered, which has allowed for the marketing to be started.  A good company needs a logo, a website, email....and the list goes on.  In my logo research I found a stack off companies that would help, for about $400+.  During the research I did manage to stumble across a company that could deisgn the logo, design all the stationery, design the website, host it for 12 months, register the domain name, create the emails and host them for 12 month, all for a fixed fee of $650.

The logo design was spectacular.  One afternoon I posted up a paragraph about some colour selections and what the business was going to do.  When I awoke the next morning, there was nine funky designs to selection from, and after one iteration the logo was done.

The website has been a little slower, but that is more about my thinking processes.  I did realise after asking some questions that the design house was almost certainly outsourced to India.  Regardless of that, I have zero complaints there. 

The web hosting fine print meant that I missed the fact I couldn't have an ".au" ending.  There was a number of other options, but I felt the ".au" was important.  The company sent me the detail of a domain registration company, and with a few short clicks and a small fee, I was away.

From there everything flowed well, until I found out that the design company had been blacklisted on several spamming sites.  That meant my company emails were often either sent to the receiving inbox under a spam folder, or simply blocked.  Turns out when I ask about this little dilemma, no reply is received.  Thankfully the domain company also hosts, and with a few short clicks and another small fee, I am migrated over to the new mail server.

I sourced a printer and the newly designed business cards look amazing, and they have surely impressed the people who have received them.  I also managed to endure a photography session for some updated profile shots.  Regrettably, I wouldn't recommend that company again.  But he did lead me to a company that digitised my logo and printed it on some hats.  Those hats then got added to the Christmas gifts to my client.  It was very cute to see the boys wearing my hats down the street after our meeting in a local coffee shop.

So for now, I am signing off from my current working location, for a lunch date with some executives from a course we attended last year.  More networking!  Although the weather looks dreary in the shot, the temperature drop from the 40 degree days is a welcome change.

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