Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Our First Mango!

One of the things we have loved about our acreage is the great delight we have taken in planting trees and plants and then harvesting.  We have enjoyed many an hour pottering around.  A few years ago we were given a mango tree, and with a ceremonious hole digging session, we plonked the little tree in.

It has been carefully watched each year in anticipation about what may one day come.  This year the little baby mangoes were everywhere and the family was giddy with excitement.  Of course then came the Summer storms and off the little darlings went.

We have since held our breathe, waiting to see how many would actually make it through.  And the lucky number is.....

Excellent counting!  Four!  The smallest one has now ripened sufficiently enough to be picked and transporting to our kitchen awaiting eating.  We will of course practice our seed growing as I attempt to harvest the pip out of the husk in a few weeks time.  It is akin to oyster shucking!  You prise the thing open, often stabbing yourself in the process, just to try and grab out the middle.  At least this thing is not all slimy and ready to be eaten!

Our first attempt grew roots but some how lost its way, more destined for the garbage bin instead of a ceremonious hole digging session.  Given that we have loads of patience, we shall simply try again with another few husks until we gain some success.


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