Friday, September 18, 2015

Day 1 2015 Holiday

Queensland to Hong Kong, a small nine hour flight. Good news that the AS managed to hold up ok, and I was walking and moving reasonably when we landed. No challenges with immigration, customs or baggage collection, and we navigated our way through the airport landing near the train.  

With a couple of ways to get to Kowloon, the cheapest option included the train ride. It was good to see that our spirit for adventure was up after the long flight.  Thankfully I had some of the local currency, so paying cash at the ticket machine was not a problem.  The youngster was in shock at the $135 price, so we made a note to work out the exchange rate sum so we understood how many Australian dollars we were spending.

The train ride was easy. Navigating out of the shopping centre we landed in was much more difficult! We meandered for what seemed like an eternity before stumbling on the exit and the very long taxi line.  Of course to keep us company was 30 degree heat and the welcome aroma of Asia!

The cab ride should have cost around $30, and I am really not sure if the $60 fare was intentional, or that traffic jam was unpredictable!  But given the luxurious vehicle we were riding in, perhaps he needed to fund the next one.


We have found our travelling companion and it's great to be able to spend some in person time with one of my dearest friends who lives on the other side of our local continent. With a wry smile, I walked under bamboo scaffolding as we wandered up the streets looking for dinner.  The youngster had been lured from her mattress with the knowledge that sushi did in fact exist in Kowloon!  Of course sashimi was not what she expected, but we did manage to find a spot that made tuna hand rolls, so the crisis was averted.  Soft crab tempura hand rolls were amazing, as was the mixed tempura plate of things.  The little magic mushroom creation was gently passed over for Helen to eat, so I am waiting to see if she awakes for day 2 activities!

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