Saturday, December 15, 2012

Blue Print

I was around 18 when I started to think about what I really wanted to achieve out of this life.  In those days, the Almanac was widely used in place of the Internet!  I spent some time doing some research trying to work out how I could make the most of this finite resource called life.  My mother had died about five years earlier, so I knew that time had to be cherished, and everything will end, regardless of you being ready for it.

I found that the average Australian woman lived until 86, and I began to craft the 65 year plan.  In my travels over the next 20 years I have never manage to find anyone with a plan as ambitious as mine.  In fact those who do know about the length of mine are often teasing me about it.  I simply smile.  It is my life and whenever it ends, I will have done all that I could in the time that I had available.  I will have lived my life.

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