Saturday, December 15, 2012

End of Year Review

So at the end of each year I wrap up what have we achieved, and pull down from the plan what goals we are setting for the following year.

Nearly all successful people have a plan and set goals, yet many of us struggle to know where to start. When asked, I always tell people to start with 100 things they want to accomplish in their lifetime. But remember, we are now part way along, so go back into the memories and look at the high points of things that you have been proud of, and write them on your list too.

At first, the 100 things may take some time to think of, so carry your list around and write the things as they come to mind. It also provides an opportunity for you to look at the list, which reminds your subconscious that this is something that is important to you. Delta has a song with some words "...a dream stays a dream unless woken..." If it is not written down, then it is not a goal, but only a dream.

However in the essence of balance, we must set goals across all areas of our lives, including;

· business and career

· financial

· family

· health and fitness

· lifestyle

· contributing

· adventure

When you finish your list, go back and place the individual items under your category headings. How does it look? Is there a balanced approach in your life? If it helps, they never do on the first cut.  Now you have to look at the areas that are weaker and add some items into there.

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