Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Agile Approach to Families

The organisation I work for has Agile embedded in as part of its culture. It was really amazing to come to a large organisation and not see a single Microsoft Project Gantt Chart anywhere. After you get the swing of iterations, breaking down work and conducting huddles and retrospectives, things really start to move.

Last year when my personal goals were not going in the direction I wanted, at the pace I wanted, I started to use retrospective planning at home. What is working well, what is not, and what do I need to change? It only took 30 minutes and a wall chart to regain some focus and prioritise what needed to change.
I had heard of some Agile legends at work taking the approach into their families, but upon listening to this TED talk, I think that I may start to take some of his ideas into my family life. Communication is essential in life, at work and home. Often the at home piece is the one to suffer. I think some of the out takes from the talk may bring some new skills to the family unit. I really love the concept of a weekly family session, and re cutting time.

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