Monday, February 25, 2013

Life Check

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Well it sure has been an interesting month. Tomorrow I am back to the nutritionist, after a month on a very strict (ok, I may have consumed some chocolate that was on the naughty list) alkaline diet. The pain is ever present, but I do have an increase in energy. Tonight for the very first time in many months I came home and cooked two dinners, and pre-made lunch for tomorrow. I managed an hour work out, cleaned and did the washing! The house is starting to look organised.

Whilst the health is starting to improve, work has certainly been a trial. Upon missing out on a recent promotion, I had been contemplating what was happening in the universe. It puzzled me that things had not worked out according to my strategy. There are two quotes on the mirror this month;
"Think good thoughts
Speak good words
Take good actions
Three steps that will bring more to you than you can ever imagine" (The Secret)
After the shock wore off, I contemplated what had gone wrong. I watched the other party struggle under the weight of the role, and went off to have a chat and show some support. Despite what I thought, my actions demonstrated that I was a person who cared, and that action will stand me in good stead with the individual long after all of the ruckus has passed. It also demonstrated to the broader audience that I had taken it all in my stride, and it was a mere blip on the career path ladder. Of course I did have a chuckle at the second quote;
"Most things are difficult before they are easy" (Unknown)

In reflecting on the situation, I went back and had a look at the 65 year plan. I am already way ahead on the salary goals. This time in life was scheduled for family time, time for raising a daughter. The financial goals are on track, and seemingly taking care of themselves. Health and fitness goals are up and down, depending on the health. This was another reminder of what is important in life.

Fast forward another week to the present and the position is now advertised for a permanent recruit, and the role has been downgraded by two levels! This makes a marginal difference to my current salary, and after tax, even less. It is not worth all the effort, stress and hours for the small increase in pay. It certainly will not make up for the time away from my daughter, partner and family. It wouldn't allow me to come home make a few meals, do a work out and catch up on some cleaning!

Things always work out like they should, although in the moment you may not understand why, take a look at the goals you set and work out where you are meant to be, and what you action you may need to take to prepare for a different result.

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