Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Acupuncture and Moxabustion

With a chronic health condition, I have tried more than a few things to assist with managing it, in fact I seem to have a team of people who play various roles.  I often get frustrated by the inability of the body, to keep up with the mind.  At the end of each year my goal that suffers the most is the number of fitness sessions completed.  Despite this continuous cycle, I am determined to not let the health issues overcome me.
The latest quest was forced on me by a friend.  After weeks of nagging, I finally found a spot in the schedule to go.  Now I possibly should have taken more notice about what I was heading in to, but the reality was after months of horrendous work hours and stress, it really didn't matter, I was happy to give anything a try.

Enter Japanese Acupuncture  I was caught unaware by the randomness of the needle giver.  Possibly too left of centre for my little conservative Capricorn ways!  I have however been attending weekly for a couple of months, and I now know that Qi is much different to Chai :-)

It does take some focus to keep an open mind during the sessions, and certainly some effort to try and get a conversation and connection going when I have absolutely zip in common.  Some how I have managed to make Judith laugh each session, and I have learnt bits about the self confessed 'cooking feral'!  Of course she may not know as much about me, but then I am not the one poking the needles around, so potentially not that important.
Moxabustion is a fancy word for what Maddison refers to as the fire stick.  At one session whilst lying in a semi clad fashion, the youngster bursts in through the door with my work phone.  Of course she had accidentally answered it too!  Her eyes almost fell out of her head at the sight of the 'doctor' waving around a lit stick of smokey something, whilst Mummy was lying flat.  The car ride home was quiet until the question;

"Is she really a real doctor Mummy?"


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