Friday, July 19, 2013

Can I break moping in 21 days?

I had lunch recently with a group of inner circle friends, I love the randomness of each individual and the entertainment factor of just being in the group dynamics.  After a quick check in with each other, there was some discussion about my supposed moping.  I had thought I was handling/hiding most of it pretty well!

The challenge was thrown out that I had until the next lunch to recover from it.  Interesting concept, I don't know really what to make of it.  I think an unravelling relationship with over a year's seniority deserves some sort of mourning period, but even an ambitious goal setter like myself had not contemplated a strategy to snap myself out of it.

The next lunch will be at least three weeks away.  This reminds me of the 21 days to break a habit concept.  So after ending the week like I started, I figured I should continue to wallow for the balance of day, and then use my morning optimism to get cracking on the challenge.

At times of stress, my usual approach is to take a step out of it all, have a reorganisation phase, check strategy and set new goals.  This approached worked well during my juggling act of full time employment and part time university.  I also use it for work, and when progressing through my yearly goals agenda. 

This morning I have finalised my tax return, very interesting.  Well it is for someone like me, pull out the neatly organised display book already containing receipts in categories, and of course a lovely matching spreadsheet.  This year I am running late, I usually have my cash by now. 

I also notice that my office is a mess, and I even have unreconciled bank statements, my goals need updating on the last two months activities, my to do list is on 20 sheets of note paper, and there are even piles on the floor.  This in itself reminds me of the complexity of life between two houses, and how inefficient my use of time is.  The house in general is in a state of flux, I even have the local paper on the desk to find a house cleaner, as I cannot manage to do everything.  The chaos needs to be stopped, my mantra is 'Balance', I want a simple life.  I have archived the concept of a cleaner, and instead the child and I will work together to find a new rhythm.

As I am consolidating the to do lists, I also notice that I have a stack of projects that are planned, and mostly not started, with some started and just not finished.  Outlook requires some revision for my weekend planning, and I need to get more organised in supporting the youngsters academic improvement program.  Another activity that I have not been diligent about. 

I also have not been maintaining the social circle.  Every weekend has been mostly dedicated to the relationship over the past year, so I have some rebuilding to do there, including my family connections which require a new approach now they have moved to the other side of the city.  I can already feel the distance starting.  My blogs are also behind......

Day 1 has now kicked off, I have organised a movie with the family later in the day, and I have the iPod on my favourite playlist.  The child has finished the music practice and is now onto homework.  I have half the washing done and will do some housework as well as a cooking lesson with Maddison planned after homework.  I may need to revise some of the playlist, or this mood will be derailed.

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