Saturday, November 12, 2016

Day 5 - Rickshaw Ride

Slightly afraid at this point in the tour, the guide has not joined us on the rickshaw ride, and we head off into the sunset, ok no sunset and the local terrain is not that picturesque!  As we head off using the good old pedal power, I glance at the shirt on our driver....big sigh, this is bound to be amazing!

The health and safety standards from home tend not to apply over here, and I am pretty sure that training to be an electrician is not as stringent as back home.

The rickshaw driver deposits us at some random home for a tour.  Still not feeling overly safe about all this, and quickly realising that after listening to a "local" resident who is impeccabily dressed, that getting out of this tour is likely to cost a few bucks! 

We eventually were deposited back to the where our guide was waiting.  Next on the itinery is the yo-yo factory....oh hang on, I haven't read that right.  Several people rush out with some string and plastic, yep that is meant to be the yo-yo, and we are going to learn all about it....thankfully the heavens open up with a massive thunderstorm and we are rushed back to the safety of the car.

Our guide was lovely enough to help us out with a few options of things to do after the tour ended for the day.  She was even kind enough to go and buy us the tickets to see a live production of a martial arts Kung Fu Panda.  How those people managed to do any martial arts moves whilst dressed in full on panda suits was amazing!  Of course the youngster just had to pick up a panda at the end of the show, so no doubt he will be making an appearance on the balance of the trip.

Our driver is a stoic fellow, doesn't speak a crack of English!  He drove us to the show, and waited for us to take us home.  Very lovely of him, as it wasn't actually his job to do that after hours.  Without the guide to help translate late at night, I managed to break the guy into a big smile by practicing my karate kid crane movement on the side of the path.  It is lovely to see that despite the language barriers, we can share a joke and  laugh.

After a long and tiring day, we walked about 50m and plonked down for dinner.  Hilarious moment, the youngster orders potatoe for dinner.  Not really sure what will arrive, but the little mountains of mashed potato, adorned with berry sauce were pretty to look at, apparently it is a cold dish, so not so fun to eat!  I myself passed on the deep fried bullfrog with bacteria, and was somewhat confused if it was a lost in translation, or really that! Either way, I went with what I think was something more safe!  I did struggle with the spit buckets at the end of the tables, and my poor little, weak stomach rolled more than a few times. 

On the way back to the hotel, it felt like agame of Frogga trying to cross the road.  Apparently pedestrian crossings are not for pedestrians, only sprinters!  Also, I learnt that motorised bicycles are almost silent and when you are in the dark trying to cross the road whilst not being hit by cars, you should also really keep your eye on those pesky bike riders.  Another day down, and we still have not sorted the laundry situation.  Our hotel rooms are going to look like Chinese laundries for awhile longer.

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