Saturday, November 12, 2016

Day 5 - Summer Palace

Like all good tourist destinations, a map on how to navigate around.  Should be right? 


The really amazing thing about China is the really is these quiet little moments of looking at really ancient historical features.  Despite all the people trekking around, there is a sense of stillness in the moment.  This pit stop is the Stone of the God of Longevity.

I really love the statues dotted around the place, fascinating to look at.  It is a sensory overload, the scent of the Osmanthus Fragrans trees are a reminder that we are somewhere I have never been before.


As we walked along the path under the covered walk way, I looked up at the beams above.  There were hundreds of them along the path, each one painted.  It must have taken awhile to decorate them all, and I got the feeling it wasn't a stencil job!

Although there is a lake on onside, there is a stream  on the otherside, it does look like it could use a bit of a current through it, and I certainly have no desire to take a dip, but the little stone bridges that connect the walk ways are cute.  Maybe the pond lillies floating on the water are not pretty enough for Picasso to paint though.

According to google, the park is about 2.9 square km, with 3/4 of it being water.  Good news, it means that we are not walking the whole way!  Next stop is the boat ramp.

To catch a ride on the ferry....can't imagine one of these zipping up the local river back home.  The smog here is still evident in the photos, especially on the shots of Longevity Hill, which is about 60 metres high.

After we land on the other side of the lake, we notice the small foot bridge that we need to walk across.....

The fitbit will be racking up the steps again today.  Of course about a third of the way across the bridge we are mobbed by people trying to take more photographs of the youngster.  It has been a long day and the scene was too much to bear for our travelling companion who made a run for it without us.  Around the centre of the bridge was interesting, some serious kite flying folk in China, check out the gear on this fellow.


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