Friday, August 16, 2013

Brittish and Irish Lions

I was very lucky to even pick up tickets to this event, they were expensive, and sold out in minutes.  Suncorp Stadium isn't far from work, so we parked at work and walked up to the stadium.  We have done it stacks of times, but certainly not as the only two specks of yellow in a sea of swarming red.

The atmosphere was indescribable.  The heckling was constant, but good natured.  Over the course of the walk, I was led to believe that we would be lucky to even score a point, and I had wondered what the walk of shame back to the car was going to feel like with all of these supporters.

I have on the list of things to do a soccer match in England.  When I envision what this would be like, I can certainly relate to the atmosphere in the stadium on that night.  You could hardly see or hear an Aussie and the noise was constant and deafening.

Thankfully we did put up a bit of a fight, and the walk home was just like the way there! 

The next day I headed over to visit a friend and thought I may as well wear the jersey from the night before, as I had only worn it for a couple of hours.  The heckling from the sidewalk as I drove back through the city was a tad surprising!

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