Friday, August 16, 2013

Picking an Instrument

Hoping to pick up a spot at the esteemed Sommerville House for 2014, and knowing that playing an instrument will assist in the interview, Mum has finally insisted that an after school activity will be occurring.

After a small amount of consideration and knowing the two older boys both play guitar, it was an unsurprising nanosecond before the announcement came on the instrument of choice. 

So we headed out to pick up our own.  For girls the colour is everything, so she picked out a 3/4 number in just the right colour...well after Mum excluded both a red and blue ukulele!

The young male sales assistant, complete with a range of tattoos and piercings was surely surprised when I asked him to play twinkle little star.  His eyes looked very confused, but he ripped off his best version.  The child looked on with a frown.  When it was over, I simply stated "See it works just fine!"  I had an inkling that after the frustration of the first lesson kicked in, I was not going to be returning the guitar because it didn't work!

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