Saturday, September 7, 2013

Veggie Patch - Update # 2

After a gruelling first weekend, I am reminded each day when I pass the balance of the soil and mulch that the activity is far from over!  But the project has been met with great excitement from the little one.  Hard to imagine why when we look at the culinary eating patterns that involve vegetables!  Maybe it is the opportunity to dress for the occasion.

Weekend 2 and we managed to find a whole crop of cherry tomatoes that had either someone survived the old garden patch, or miraculously appeared on their own steam.  We decided they looked good enough to keep, so we staked them up and weeded underneath them.

We also spent some time constructing a sprinkler system for future convenience, and well we had left over bits and bobs that could be used instead of sitting in the shed gathering dust.  Actually most of the project was designed and constructed with left over materials from the many projects around the property.

Meg was also very interested in what was happening.  Her winter coat certainly is amazing, she looks about three times as big.

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