Saturday, September 7, 2013

Veggie Patch - Update # 3

For three solid weekends the pair of us have shovelled, heaved and poured.  I have been really surprised by the dedication of the youngster.  I expected that after the first 100 buckets the shine would have worn off, but to her credit she stayed the distance and it was a nice bonding experience for us both.  Even Meg was tired of the activity and demanded that scratching her was going to be way more fun.

It has been with great pleasure that we moved the last bucket of soil into the new patch.  So this weekend we headed into the city and had breakfast together, before stopping at the nursery on the way home to pick up some plants and straw.

We learnt about strawberries, potatoes, peas, carrots, capsicum, coloured silverbeet, lettuce, bok choi, parsley, coriander and rhubarb.  We learnt that some plants require different amounts of sun, and space to grow and depths to be planted.  All very exciting stuff.  The end product for weekend 3 did look pretty good and we were certainly impressed by our efforts.


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