Saturday, September 7, 2013

Veggie Patch - Update # 4

After arriving home from work on the Monday, we headed around to the back of the house to water the garden.  My jaw dropped to the ground and the child burst into tears.  Something had certainly had a field day in our garden.  Tracking back over the potential suspects....

Upon closer inspection the plants did not appear to be eaten, just scattered all over the place.  The pots on the deck had also been destroyed.

There was digging, and I remembered back when the dog up the road came and visited our first two chickens.  After ruling out the possible suspects, I starting thinking about our resident bush turkey who comes to visit the chicken pen each night looking for left overs.

This weekend was filled with hammering and chicken wire as we build an enclosure around our garden to keep out the suspected bush turkey who is clearly up on the points board for that effort.


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