Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Easter Bunny

The fact I am posting about Easter activities whilst in June is clearly an indication that I am way behind with my blogging!

This Easter was spent down in Yamba, NSW.  The Blue Dolphin Resort is an excellent kid friendly location.  Perfect paths for completing the learning to ride your bike goal, pools for swimming, close proximity to the water for surfing and fishing.

I also managed to survive a week of extended family, with only a few small sanity departures.  Although I thought I had thought of everything, I was caught off guard at 8.00 pm with the notification from the child that Easter Bunny needs a carrot!  Whilst still having my OMG moment, thankfully the in laws come to the rescue producing a carrot.  With much relief we headed back to our cabin to prepare for the evening.

The youngster had thought of everything ahead of time.  She packed the ears and her collection bucket!  Now in a small two bedroom cabin, there is only so far the Easter Bunny can go to produce a hunting trail.

It all panned out ok, with small shrieks of delight the following morning.  As she is approaching nine, that may well have been our last Easter Bunny, but hopefully she fakes for as long as possible....they grow up so fast.  If I blink, she will be starting uni.

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