Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Vegie Garden Still Growing!

Taking advantage of some spare time and room in the bin, we set about cleaning up the over grown vegie garden.  Turns out when you barracade out the turkey, you also do it for the gardeners!  That combined with what appears to be a shortage of outside time at home, well things are over grown.

Maddy loves time outside exploring, and often asks are we gardening today.  There was squeals of delight upon finding some potatoes.  She was so proud of them, she was announcing to anyone that came over that we had grown out own potatoes.  

Maybe I should be telling her that these are the potatoes we grew, you should definately be eating them!  It makes me smile that she doesn't really enjoy potatoes or chips, kids all over the world would have eyes wide open in amazement.

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