Friday, September 12, 2014

Happy 9th Birthday

After an awful childhood experience of no school friends over for birthday party celebrations, this year I did agree to hosting something.  After about two months of deliberations, the youngster decided that she would much rather spend her birthday celebrating with the extended family. 

I had arranged an ice skating morning, or so I thought.  Turns out "arrange" means to actually phone the public centre and confirm that some special event is not on that is booking out the entire block of ice!  After some quick public ridiculing about my ability to organise a birthday, we headed off to ten pin bowling instead.  Turns out this was a much better option and even the Grand Father got in on the action.  After 2 years of dating, I still learn new things about my adopted family, the old fellow hates to lose and is extremely competitive about bowling!  After looking at the scoreboard, I doubt that I will be invited back for the next outing, unless it is revenge he is looking for! 

After bowling I had to endure a session at Sizzler's.  Despite cheesy bread being a favourite of the youngster, my ability to consume food that may have been touched on the salad bar of life is fairly limited.

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