Friday, September 12, 2014

Our First Ekka

Ekka, what the heck is an Ekka?  Turns out it is a fancy name for the local show.  Growing up in a regional area of Australia, I had avoided the huge crowds of the Ekka safe in the thought that I had seen all the animals I needed to, and avoided all the motion sickness rides I could.

The year 3 school excursion is to the Ekka, so I took advantage of spending some time with my dear child and her peers, and headed off to share the day.  Thankfully it was a work day, so the crowds were bearable.  The school also had enough parents volunteer, that we really only had to spend time with our own children.  Big downer for them, they had to wear school uniform and complete a work book!  Despite all of that, we had a ball.


After busting to try out one of those dagwood dog things that people had been talking about and walking around with....Mum can you take off the batter stuff so I can just eat the hot dog?!  We also managed to fit in one of those award winning strawberry ice cream cones, and that was delicious.  All the little ones enjoyed the day, but were quiet on the train ride homes, exhausted from the activities.



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