Friday, September 12, 2014

Rear fencing Progress Update

Remember that little fencing project we were finishing off  Well the mid point looked like the Great Wall of China being constructed in our back yard.

As I was down having a look at the progress, I noticed that the off cut boards were making their way into landfill.  Of course this saves on the tipping fees as the guys simply throw the boards behind the retaining wall and then place the fill on top.  Trouble is the frugal side of me sees potential and burning money, or burying money!  The boards are quite expensive, and already cut into metre or so lengths.  I see a future project of little vegie garden patches being a great outcome. 

The picture shows the retaining wall at a metre high, so I carefully balance my way along the 50m wall, bending over and picking up the off cuts and throwing them over the wall.  Then I have to walk along the wall and pick up the off cuts to carry them....

.....around the big holes, up the small hill, past the chicken pen, across the yard and put them in a new pile for construction on another day.  By now I am smiling at the conversation playing through my head from my adorable need variability in your fitness program, otherwise you will get bored.  I am fairly sure that this was not the variability that was being suggested!  And the love of outside landscaping is a very one sided passion in this relationship.  After a few more boards, the weight of them starting to bite into the legs and arms, and I am sure the chickens began to laugh and giggle each time I passed their pen.  Good news for them, even if I want to reach in and strangle the little darlings, I doubt I could have closed a fist to make a difference!

At the end of daylight my pile looked like this....


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