Friday, March 22, 2013


Coming home from work one night recently and I had absolutely ever intention of skipping the induction session at school later that night. As we sat at the dinner table Maddison told me I needed to hurry or I would be late. I explained that the night was not essential, and that I already knew how things worked given that we had been at the school for three years.

The big blue eyes opened wide, and she said "But Mummy, I have made you a note, and it is sitting on my desk for you, waiting". Big sigh from the tired parent, and I quickly finished dinner, arranged for a babysitter and dashed down to the school.

After 30 minutes of standing and listening to the Principal espouse the virtues of the school and the essentials of all white sneakers, I dragged myself down to the classroom to sit through the next lecture. As I sat down with my knees around my ears I glanced down to the waiting letter. It almost bought a tear to my eye. And I think when the parent of the young boy that Maddison sits beside looked over at the two pages on my seat, then back to the three words on hers, I think it almost bought a tear to her eyes!

It was a humbling lesson in life about what is truly important.

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