Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pool Renovation Project

Well this little gem was always going to be a a challenge. Part way through construction, the two landowners parted ways. At the completion of the pool, the other party did the handover and signed off the project without really looking at what we were getting. When I arrived at the site some weeks later, needless to say I was furious.

The whole pool construction was a nightmare. It was dug the wrong way around, then torrential rain caused it to collapse inside and fill up with water, without the concrete. The pool company then left the water to magically drain out, and of course frogs started breeding due to the time taken! When the hole was re-dug around the correct way, the darling digger pushed it over too close to the existing retaining wall. Fast forward to the fencers, and they were clearly on some sort of narcotics, but in there defence the construction guys had left a mess. So tradies do what they do best, complete the work and hope to hell you do not actually notice. They sure got a free ride with this one.

So after years of walking around the pool, trying to work out how I can actually fix the dramas without costing and arm and a leg, I have decided to just get on with it. Yes, yes laughter and about time comments are flying around :-) The actual fencing situation is really annoying, it actually bothers me heaps more than I care to admit, and anything short of ripping it all out and redesigning it, is going to leave a constant reminder of time gone past, and not in a favourable light.

The boundary fence behind the pool was built by the property developer, so really was not built to last. I have decided to remove the boundary fence, or really only part of it, as it has to be over 100m long. Then install a retaining wall, a truck load of dirt to level it out and re-fence on top of the retaining wall. This will then allow for part of the boundary fence to form part of the pool fencing, at some future stage.

I rang a landscaper earlier in the week, and the installation of a retaining wall is around $5.5K, and about $500 for the removal of the existing fence. Guess where I have been this afternoon! I traded mowing my sister's lawn for her cooking me dinner and baking a cake. Added bonus, she cooked at my house, so the youngster remained inside, and I had a cracking run outside. In around an hours time, I managed to do $250 worth of work....nice. I also got a free ab and arm work out, so multi tasking a fitness work out at the same time is an added benefit.

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