Friday, March 22, 2013

Vanilla Zulu

"VANILLA ZULU Culinary Adventures is an interactive cooking school designed to inspire and motivate even the most shy or reluctant students by keeping it simple, fast and fresh."
A gift from a couple of close friends for my birthday.  The three of us headed off to learn some Portuguese cooking skills.  Without really understanding what we were actually going to cook or learn, the night turned out to be a wonderful surprise.
Thankfully, a lot of the prep work was undertaken by the trusty side kick Susie.  Apparently Susie has a passion for prep work!  Whether true or not, I loved the concept of here's one I prepared earlier!  We manage to make some lovely loaves and a baked Camembert for starters.  Excellent for me who had come straight from work and was really looking forward to eating something, and almost right away.
Our main was a series of vegetable dishes combined with a spatchcock stuffed with sweet potato.  Somehow I managed to land on the spatchcock preparations, much to the laughter and cheers from my companions.  The laughter was all mine later when I had selected a small serving for mains, and the others had hooked in. 
With plenty of room left for my citrus baked custard tart and tappy tap sugar, I left feeling quite content, and not rolling sideways with my buttons undone like the other pair!  The head chef was a lovely South African lady who had a witty repertoire of cooking one liners.  A great way to spend a few hours with cool people and awesome food.


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