Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pool Update # 4

The goal was to finish by January 2013, in time for the 40th Birthday celebrations. After sinking over $15,000 into the renovation project in 2012, it was clear that an alternative venue was to be selected.  The new fencing has been constructed, and it looks awesome.

The tradesman did give me a money saving idea. Turns out there is a market for second hand pool fencing due to the changes in Queensland laws. The easy part was to disassemble the old panels and gate. The much harder part is to dig out the existing posts. All sensible people have vanished claiming that back breaking activities are not in their job descriptions.

For the record, they are wrong. After 30 minutes on the first one, it is not back breaking at all....but OMG it certainly is bicep killing. It turns out my biceps are not going to be big enough to lift the post and the concrete out of the hole.

This may be another case of outsourcing, and I think that who ever builds the deck down there can also dig out the posts! Or maybe I can include post digging out in the eBay ad :-).

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