Saturday, February 22, 2014

2014 Swim Carnival

At the last school, life was easy and trying was not something that the youngster had to really do.  This year at the new school the swim carnival was very different to the past few years.  The facilities are stunning right across the school, and the sports complex is no exception.

25 metres free style, back stroke and breast stroke.  Similar to the last school, except for the starting blocks!

Despite cutting a fine figure upon said starting block, when the gun went off the height of the block became all too scary!

The balance of the field had a good head start with the hesitation, dismount and then slither into the pool.  And thus the 25m freestyle even was blown.  The breast stroke event had some sort of issue and we forget about breast stroke and thought freestyle would be much quicker.  Which it was, but didn't help the ribbon situation!  Back stroke was fairly uneventful in comparison.

At the conclusion of the day, the youngster was very unimpressed with her performance. This would be the normal time a parent would say something about it is important to try your very best.....but for us it was actually an opportunity to talk about the increase in requirements in settling into the new school.  In truth, the whole school is many levels above the old school. 

We already had additional swimming lessons planned as part of the 'you have to do something athletic' mantra.  Swim lessons are at 7.15 am and there would have to have been 50 girls in the pool.  Very serious school this Somerville!  In saying that, I was approached by the classroom teacher at pick up recently, and she said she was really amazed at Maddison's progression over the past few weeks.  Turns out have expectations to live up to, are encouraging the youngster to try harder, and for this I couldn't be prouder. 

In addition to swimming, we enrolled in additional violin lessons.  I did try to register her into speech and drama lessons, as I had continuously tried for the past three years.  Big fat negative on that one until.....20 out of 24 girls go to speech and drama.  Nothing like peer group pressure to get the little one involved.  I quickly signed the consent form for that one!  The extra cost of the new school has certainly been worth the results all round, including a much happier child. 

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