Saturday, February 22, 2014

First Day of School

When I first saw the school uniform, I remember giggling on prior occasions as a 'a frog' moved passed.  The bright green is fairly famous amongst the city residents.  That said, on the first day when the photos were being taken, I did think she managed to pull of the colour just fine. 

The first day of actual class, and we were both a bit nervous.  With a delayed start to the day, I took her into the office with me for a couple of hours.  Somehow she managed to spill her hot chocolate all down the front of the dress.  Much concern from both of us given the distance to home.  Luckily the water sorted most of it, and we had time for the dry out.

The classroom drop off was certainly an enlightening experience in itself.  Thankfully I had been in the office, so I was wearing a suit, but I almost felt under dressed for the occasion with the other mothers, and even the teacher.  Wow, there is certainly an image to uphold at this school.  Of course I picked the school for its facilities and impressive educational track record.  Yes it is an expensive school, but it hadn't entered my brain about the image expectations for parents! 

Suddenly a small epiphany about our visit to the school clothing store earlier in the year.  The shop assistant was attempting to guide me into only purchasing essential items.  I was confused at the time, if a school lunch box with a frog was something the youngster took delight in, then I was certainly willing to fork out for it, in any attempt to make the transition easier.  It was Summer, so I had cargo shorts and a polo shirt, and now looking back, I am sure that the assistant may have thought I was unemployed! 

For the first time I became aware that I have to hold up my end of the bargain now, otherwise my actions may impact on her.  Thankfully my BMW does not look out of place in the afterschool pickup process.  It is a procession of money, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, and even a Porsche.  The most interesting thing is that the mothers picking up are not likely to be working.

It will be a delicate balancing act.  I do want her to enjoy all the experiences that this facility will provide, but I don't want Maddison to pop out at the end of school with an elitist or entitled attitude.  At then end of the day at pick up I was interested in what her reaction would be.  I was preparing the talk about change being difficult, and we just need to give it a try.  The child bounded out of class, skipping and jumping.  She loves Somerville!  And it has been like that for weeks.  It is really pleasing to see that my decision to move her has been a good one.

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