Saturday, February 22, 2014

School Transitions

After perservering with for 3 years with a local Catholic private school, I have decided that their mediocre approach to education is not in line with my expectations.  This of course resulted in more than a few discussions with the youngster desperately trying to cling on to her known circle of friends.

I think the child is brighter than the school gives her credit for, and that their refusal to believe in this concept has led the child to paddle below average, as there is no expectation from the school that anything else is required.  I am fairly sure that her desire to not be in the spot light causes this behaviour, but after consulting with a child psychologist, I need the school to assist in overcoming whatever issue resides in the classroom.  This years teacher has been teaching for around the length of time I have been alive.  But in the parent teacher interview, she agreed the child is bright, but that she didn't know how to reach her.

With a series of interviews and visits to one of the elite all girls schools in Brisbane, we were accepted in.  To her credit, she humbly accepted that she was moving schools without much fuss.  Although I do think that the specialised art centre with clay work was enticing for the creative one! 

We settled into their vacation care program over the summer holidays, to get a head start on meeting some new friends, and developing a new routine to make the start of the school term not as daunting.  The welcome from the vacation care team was over whelming, and some instant bonds were developed between them, which was fantastic to witness.  Although the program is marginally more expensive than the last school, this team was well organised and had a spectacular range of activities.  The craft work was very cool, the girls cooked each day, the went bowling, to the movies and even to Dream World.  Check out tie dying shirts day.  All children splashed their colour on, but mine made hers into neat little lines, and the end result was very cool.


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