Sunday, February 23, 2014

Action Plan

My bathroom is really the central goal hub of the house!  My shower has my 2 A4 pages of annual goals displayed.  On the door hangs the vision board, and the mirror regularly has motivational items on it!  Anyone might think that I spend an eternity in there!  I actually don't, but it is a place that I go to a couple of times a day, and spend a few minutes there, so it is a good spot to contemplate life whilst showering or cleaning your teeth.

Following on from the healthy life theme for 2014, reduction of work related stress or rather life imbalance has led to the me writing up 'Find new job".  Now the universe often works in mysterious ways, so I went back a few weeks later and amended it.

I was worried that I would be shuffled sideways, but still have the same issues, so the revision was my way of restricting.  It caused much amusement when the partner took to the mirror and also wished for the same thing! 

Fast forward a few more weeks and a surprise restructure has landed me on the redundant list!  I had three options on my plan, and that was number two, so not so bad I guess.  But it does mean that I have to find a new source of income, so it has spurred along the job seeking from passive to very active.

For the partner, the most promising news thus far on future options has already began to surface, so fingers crossed for her that we can tick this action off sooner rather than later.  I can't wait to see what we put up for the next item on the action plan!

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