Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Day -16

It's time to start planning in some of the jobs on the long list of things to do.  You know, the ones that never seem to get done because work gets in the way?! 

I recently imported a bike from the UK, which seemed like a good idea at the time.  Transportation moved at a cracking pace right until the shores of the local Custom department.  Thanks to the wonders of technology, I could track that it sat there for a week.  After making some enquiries I find out that items above $1,000 have an import tax and then GST to be applied, so I need to fork out more money.  A small electronic war breaks out with the UK supplier!

After unpacking the bike, I decide that any bike coming with an electrical plug probably should be assembled by a bike technician!  Lucky I did this, as I found out that there is a small crack in an essential part, and that another part also needs to be replaced.  Back to waring with the English, who were super nice and had spare parts freighted out in a flash.  They have also agreed to pay for the local bike technician to replace the parts, so I dropped the bike down to the store today.  Who knows, maybe one day soon I will actually get on it!
Determined to do something each day towards securing a new role, I headed out to lunch with a company, with a sales executive who has become a friend.  We shared a delightful meal of random foods I would not perhaps selected to eat normally, but very tasteful little artistic creations.  Thankfully the 'Can of Worms' was not available, and try as the waitress did, I could not be convinced that returning someday to try them was a good idea.  Apparently after they are deep fried, you can hardly tell.  I am avoiding now for two reasons, grossness and health!  As the conversation meandered through work and life, there was mutual opportunities to assist each other.  I will be able to provide a link into a senior executive at a company, and tomorrow at the upcoming meeting with the very company I was writing selection criteria for yesterday, I will be able to get some information directly from the individual heading off on 12 months maternity leave.

I was contemplating the impacts of not working on the finances, and suddenly realised I should take a spin through my superannuation spreadsheet to forecast some scenarios.  It appears that I am significantly ahead on my plan, and unless I am likely to be not working for 18 months, then there will not be a ripple on the path to retirement which is good to know.

With weekly oral presentations underway at school, the youngster and I spent the evening writing and drawing for the presentation tomorrow.  But I do have a cunning plan for next week with the demonstration task, but I am determined to get this one sorted on the weekend to stop this last minute jam during the week.  We then video the speech, look for some pointers and wrap up for bed.

I then take a spin through known contacts and send out another invitation for coffee.  The calendar this week has been full, and I wonder how I managed to fit in working at all!  Time to start scheduling activities in for next week.


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