Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Day -17

After receiving an email from the year 3 mother's, I thought I should take advantage of the fact that I am not working and mingle, get to know them. After all, I am likely to be in their circle for the next decade!  After dropping the youngster to school, I headed down to the local cafĂ© to meet.  Full of bravado about entering the lions den, I hesitated at the door and then bolted!  Nope, the introvert cannot randomly drop in.  Despite all the reasons that I should, I didn't, I headed off to have one on one coffee with a friend instead.

I did fit in a teleconference with the redeployment team at my current organisation.  Good news, I have a $7,500 training allowance to use up in the next six months.  So I shall have to add that to the list of things to do.  I also have to look at rolling over my superannuation, and also transferring my employee shares into my own holding account.  The company is also dragging their feet on providing the final payout figures, so it is difficult to know how energetic I may be in exploring other roles within the Group.  Although I am leaning to time for a change, rather than a transfer, but I am conscious that the plan is financial independence, so I am not too proud to consider a lower role at the same company to maintain the path. 

Four out of the five of us that are finishing on the 21st decided to head out to the bay and have fish and chips for lunch.  Great idea in principle, but really I think that all of us hanging out at this point when we are all still annoyed about the company and the process is not such a good idea.  During lunch I had a call from a recruiting company about a role they wanted me to apply for.  I had been procrastinating about it, not really sure if it was a good idea or not.  But then I thought that it cannot hurt to make an application and go through the process, use your network and build an even bigger list of connections. 

Urgh, selection criteria...cannot remember the last time I had to do that.  I have a covering letter that I have been honing throughout the years, a few tweaks for the specifics of the role and it is all done in a few minutes and a click of a mouse.  So lunch is cut short for me to type up two pages of words.  Would have been much easier from home, but working remotely at a friends place was not that conducive.  Thankfully the cloud based applications mean that I can at least pull my resume out of my gmail sent box and managed to craft something.  It wasn't pretty, and far from my best effort.

With time on my hands, I have cancelled before and after school care.  We have an additional 30 minutes sleep in the morning, and the opportunity to work together on homework in the afternoon.  Today we completed our NAPLAN test in less than half the time, and the results were good.  I am aware that my patience levels are not what I want them to be, so I need to work on that.  I also need to have a chat with the teacher, as I am not sure if my expectations are greater than where little year 3 people should be.

After the food I consumed today, I have decided that a bit of fitness work should be on the list of things to do also.  So I punched in my meals to My Fitness Pal and downloaded the days activities from my JawBone.  Another urgh moment, time to take some action here.  Change diet and increase output, fairly simple mathematical equation!


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