Friday, March 14, 2014

The List Continues

As the days pass buy, the extended leave period continues to be a productive blur of meeting people for coffees to discuss options and broaden networks.  In the small amounts of time in between I am focussing on keeping busy, and there is always plenty to do on the property.

I recently hired a labourer for a few hours to do some hard work, and generally to play a little catch up on some areas of neglect.  After he finished uncovering a path at the side of the house, I remembered that I had intended to put in another water tank along there.

I did some research around on options and managed to find a good deal on a tank.  Fast forward a few days and the tank was meant to be delivered mid morning.  Urgh, I gave up waiting mid afternoon and headed off for school pickup.  Of course the driver lands after I leave and delicately places the 100kg tank on the front lawn.

When I arrive home, I look in wonder at how I can move the tank along the lawn, down the driveway, over the front deck and onto the tank pad.....hmmm this is going to be tricky.

Nah, the tricky part is how you get it around the corner of the house when it is too wide!  I manage to wedge it in snugly before resigning myself to actually needing a hand.  The neighbour bursts out laughing when I arrive at the door.  In the decade I have lived here, I have sought assistance every 3 or 4 years for things like trampoline assemblies etc.  He knows that if I need a hand, it is likely to involve breaking a sweat.  Upon arrival back at my house the laughter dies out to amazement, and then we both break out in laughter.

After some heaving and a few choice words, we did manage to get the tank up over the wall, through the trees and down the other side!

Gavin then turns to me and he says 'Your gonna install this yourself aren't you?'  I respond with a nod and 'Yep, gonna give it a crack'.  He sighs and heads off with a comment about making him look bad.  Now I really don't know anything about plumbing, other than it will cost $500 for a plumber to come and do it.

The youngster and I had fun at the hardware store in assembling what we think we will need to put the pipe on from the house to the tank, at a cost of about $60.  So over the next week, during the quiet times, I remove the down pipe, stare in amazement at the line on the wall where the painters didn't paint, and cut and glue my little lego pipework ready for assembly.

As I gaze over at the finished product, there are a couple of things I have learnt.  The glue for sticking pipes together should not be any where near your lungs, it stinks and burns if you inhale it by accident!  Despite the pipe pieces being really easy to carry through the hardware store and put into the car, a longer piece would have been a better option.  The concept of getting a bigger hammer to move something that is stuck often provides instant relief for your frustration, and then a hole that will need to be patched prior to painting.  Fingers crossed for the next rain that the water manages to get from the roof and into the tank.

I also managed to re-assemble the shade sail over the pool that came crashing down.  The neighbour wasn't required for that one, all you need is a big rope and the ride on lawn mower :-), saved myself another $500.

The car needs a service, quote from the usual spot is $650.  Quote from another company after some research is $160.  Although the second company will not drop me to the office, nor detail the vehicle after the service, I figure with some time on my hands, I could probably wash the car myself, and well the office is not required.  At this rate, I should be able to hang around the house for awhile!


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