Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Thanks Child!

Thursday is extra swimming lessons before school.  Turns out it is also violin day, and oral presentation day. The kid was loaded up like a drug lord in training in the Andes.  As she jumped into the pool, I headed over to her classroom with a truck load of gear.  The teacher was in the classroom, so I took the opportunity to have a chat.  We talked for about ten minutes about all things educational, and then out of the blue she asks if I am doing ok?  Slightly concerned about where she might be heading, I asked if there was something specific she was interested in.  Well Maddy has told everyone that you have been ‘sacked’!  Smiling at the thought she may be wondering if we can now afford those awesome school fees, I giggled, and explained that we are fine.

Now back to mowing the lawns and looking for inspiration on how I can maintain this lifestyle without working or marrying a nice old man.

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