Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Additional Time

In the time off between roles, it was pleasing to spend some quality time with the youngster.  So often with work, life priorities are harder to juggle, and although we have time together, the quality of that time is sometimes not what I would like it to be.  A careful reminder was an excited conversation after library day at school.  She is developing a passion for reading which is really great, but the cookbook coming home surely was a surprise.  I did have a big smile when the page was already marked, discussions had been held amongst the peers, and tomorrow she was bringing in these delicious little treats.....

Your reactions are priceless, and mine caught me a little by surprise.  On auto pilot the excuse for why I couldn't assist was already out.  I did react fast enough to say, actually we do have time, so let's swing by the supermarket and pick up the ingredients.  We also used that as an exercise to continue to hone our shopping and financial literacy skills, carefully selecting the right eggs for the best price.

With some additional free time I also took advantage of being present for extra swim lessons, time in the class for helping with lessons, working on presentations, being there when they were delivered and also setting the pace for the class with the first ones to make a movie for our demonstration.  We had a stack of fun doing it.  The out takes were hilarious, and it was fantastic to see the shy one evolve in front of the camera.



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