Wednesday, April 23, 2014

First Strings Concert

It is really hard to imagine that my daughter was so afraid of being in the lime light, that she would cower in tears.  She refused to go to the stage to accept her student awards at assembly, and each little performance for Easter, Christmas or anything was met with a shower of tears and flat out refusal.

Fast forward a few years to a new school environment, and this kid is flourishing.  Doesn't matter the cost, the outcome is amazing and her transition to finding herself is a wonderful one to watch.  Violin lessons have only been a handful, and well what I have heard at home was bound not to be the reason that parents flocked to the auditorium for the first performance after less than a term of playing!

This rendition from the teachers was fantastic for all those who watched the Never Ending Story, and it certainly set the benchmark for what the parents would love to be hearing at home at some stage in the future!

But the proudest moment is watching the intent on the little face as she goes through the paces and routines of the concert.


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