Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Right of Passage

It is almost a right of passage for young girls, as they move from Mummy deciding on what hairstyle I will have, to controlling one's own destiny.  For the past six months I have been avoiding the request for lopping of the curls!

It was recently that several others over heard the pleas, and then made a comment to me about who really loves the curls the most!  OK, it is me, the parent with the dead straight hair, I love the tiny blonde ringlets that I managed to create over on the child!  So it was with a heavy heart that we headed to the hair dresser.

As the first snip went, I asked "Maddy, can you hear that?  It is the sound of Mummy's heart breaking!"  There was raucous laughter from the chair, so it appears that my comments were well received! 

I look forward to the few years time when the stage returns that OMG my image is everything, I must have my locks back.   Of course that stage also comes with other issues, but I shall await the return.


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