Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Budget Gardening

Given the acre of land I live on, landscaping tends to be an expensive exercise.  So whilst in between roles I went off in search of some options.  I managed to find this little gem;

It is a Queensland based company, and the plant prices are fantastic.  I did have to order 12 or 15 plants to fill the box as a minimum order quantity, so I selection a random sample of plants to check it out.  Within two days the box arrived at the door, and the inspection began.  Seriously great at packing this company is.

After unpacking, here are how things looked;

Only one snag, I somehow managed to order Port Wine Magnolia and not Magnolia Little Gem!  So they will be on the list for next time.  All up with postage the plants cost around $50, and although they would be bigger from the local nursery, the cost would have been easily 3 or 4 times more.


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