Saturday, July 12, 2014

Australia Zoo

With school holidays underway we took a quick trip up the coast with the family, stopping in for a visit to Australia Zoo.  It had been a few years since we had been there, actually Maddison was in a stroller, so around six years I guess.

For a zoo, I was super impressed by the cleanliness and the lush tropical gardens, it really was a lovely day out for the family.  We also got some super animal shots on the camera, and all the crew took turns with populating the album of happy snaps.  The iPad has been great with editing, and any action shots of creatures not quite in the centre of the frame have been edited to show almost photographic perfection!

We ended the visit at the African display, and for me it was the most impressive display of the day.  There was something magical about rounding the corner and having a goup of giraffe's munching away in front of you.  It was also fantastic to have an Army tent set up with hot coffee being sold.  Everyone's legs were getting weary from all the trekking so it was awesome to have the tourist train arrive and ferry us back to the exit gate.

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