Thursday, July 10, 2014

Rear Fencing Project

With the addition of a new four legged family member, the schedule of projects required some re-prioritisation.  With the pool finalisation project, I did replace some 30 metres of boundary fencing with retaining walls and a new fence.  The end result was fabulous, but the construction costs mean that the remaining 50 metres was on hold for another year (or so)!

The next leg of the journey involves some fairly steep terrain, and loads of neglect.  The existing slope is too dangerous to be standing on with a brush cutter, and I don't fancy wading through it without it trimmed down.  Take a peek at the delightful area;

We are using the same company that constructed the last wall, as their pricing was the most competitive last time.  The quote this time was cheaper than a few years ago, so happy with that.  Also given our last interaction, we have a great relationship, so there is flexibility and trust on both sides of the transaction.

In order to assist in the process, I took the weekend to remove all of the pailings and two thirds of the rails.  I had to create two neat little piles at either end of the fence.  Remember that 50 metres in length?  I must have clocked up a few km's last weekend.  I also hired a chainsaw and took down as many of the trees that I felt comfortable in lopping myself.  Apologies to the lemon tree, I honestly planned for the tree to fall a different way!  I have cut the trees into bite size pieces and placed them into a pile for future relocation and drying for next winter.  This activity will save a few hundred dollars in wood costs alone for next year.

The remaining trees will be cut by the fencing company.  They were so surprised by my weekend activities that the three men stood around in awe.  Yes fellas, the family had their skates on over the weekend.  One of the guys asked what the heck I did for a living, and the owner replied with "Not sure really but I think she is a Doctor".  Our assistance has allowed for the additional trees to be cut down, and cut into pieces, along with a dead tree from the front of the property.  All outside of the original quote, but happily done by the crew.  The remnants of the existing materials will be placed behind the new retaining wall and under the fill.  This will save us the costs of taking the wood to the local tip.

The team had made good progress yesterday and the entire back yard was full of fallen trees.  Maddy and I did have a small moment of sadness when the family of kangaroos came up to eat and play in the yard.  Once the project is finished, they will not have a way into the backyard, and we will not have the pleasure of their company.

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