Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fear of Commitment

Catchy heading but this post is so not what you were thinking!  About 15 years ago and with severe decision fatigue, I looked at hundreds of 1/4 postage stamp sized shades of colours in an effort to select a colour for my house.

I remember the horror of walking out and seeing the two Greek painters rolling on the colour.  I shrieked 'OMG that better be the undercoat!' To which they replied 'It's Bewdiful'....not even in a cuppla days was that going to be beautiful!  

As the landscaping surrounded the house, the uniqueness of the colour has grown on me, or maybe I have grown to live with it.  With many of the projects completed, it seemed like a good time to re-paint the exterior.  It will bring the house up to a more modern colour scheme and be a solid foundation for when the time comes to sell.

After the shock of the first colour, it has taken some time to select a new colour.  Exhibit A;

After going through what looked great on the colour chart and being disappointed with the colour on the wall, we opted for a new strategy.  Random colours from what was left on the chart!  I also had the epiphany that the garage door is cream, so the exterior has to use the colour of the door as a contrasting colour.  It looks like the new colour is going to be iced tea.  I know that you are having a challenge in thinking what iced tea would look like painted on the wall.  Hang five on the desire to through your tea bag at the wall to get a simulation going as I will post some progress pictures....soonish!

I had intended in April to make a start after finishing work.  I was chatting to a friend and she laughed.  Supposedly she is pretty sure that she can finish a Masters quicker than I can paint my house.  I can't remember what we wagered, but I had better crack on with it.  Four months to select the colour, I am hoping that was the hardest piece!  In her defence, she was pretty sure that I would be kept busy with contracting and consulting offers, and she has been right about that.  With this contract nearing an end in 25 more days, I was already planning the progression.  Turns out that the company is intending on an extension, so unless there is a gap in the contracts, I may not be making tremendous progress just yet!

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