Monday, July 14, 2014

National Emergency

The one perfect thing about contracting is the working hours, and absolutely no requirement for working at home after hours.  As we were driving home yesterday the car has a warning light of some description come on.  We have plenty of time to swing by the local mechanic.  It was lovely to see that he remembered my name, and he did an inspection and some work on the spot, and free of charge.  Unfortunately he thinks there is an issue, and they don't have time this week to investigate it further.  The bad thing about contracting is that you are super aware of the cost of your time when you charge by the hour!  

We made it home without further drama, and took advantage of the pre cooked spaghetti bolagnese from the freezer, with thanks from my lovely partner.  Taking advantage of the home delivery feature from the supermarket, we appear to be all out of cookies and have to survive another day!  Major disaster according to the child.  Quick scan of the cookbook and pantry and we can rustle up some rock cakes. This will also use up those cornflakes that have lost their appeal on the young taste buds.  Hang on, we are all out pf choc chips.  

The recipe actually called for raisins, so over dinner we were discussing the diets of children today, and the opportunities for improvements.  At nearly nine the smarty pants attitude often makes an appearance.  The box of Easter egg chocolates is still in the fridge, but the youngster has been caught eating bits and putting them back into the box, oh yes clearly that did not come from me, and the thought of just maybe eating a rock cake that has germed up chocolate is so not appetising.  The smarty pants indicated that she did like fruit, raspberries were a favourite.  Sitting there and having a momentary sigh about the concept of dried raspberries for cooking, I suddenly remembered that the back of the fridge has a block of chocolate with dried raspberries in it.  It's longevity in the fridge may just beat the Easter chocolates, but at leasto have not been eating from the block!

The house was soon filled with the smell of cookies, and the youngster was hovering with expectations.  After a quick trial the disaster of missing manufactured cookies for lunches tomorrow has been averted.

With plenty of time to finish chores and practice killing the cat on the violin, we were finished the evening routine by 7:30 pm.  No excuse not to spend some time exercising, so I jumped on the spin bike for a couple hundred calories, enjoying the fire that was going beside me.  At least I managed to burn off that chocolate bar that I ate out of boredom at work!  Thank goodness university starts next week, productivity will be going through the roof then!

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