Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas List

I think this year I may have almost been impossible to buy for, and frustrating for many!  I didn't really have a list, I wanted an activity tracker and the DVD series Arrow, so in my opinion, I scored big time.

My sister got me a very cool Jawbone. It interfaces with one of my favourite apps, My Fitness Pal.  It tracks your sleep patterns, and how many steps you do in a day. 

It sends you regular summary emails with progress updates and encouraging pearls of wisdom, and a few tips to try.

In my annual goals I have struggled for the past few years to hit the target.  No wonder really with ankylosing spondylitis!  Nonetheless, I continue to set goals each year, and work around the disease as best I can.  The Jawbone actually tracks how much time you spend with your steps in an active mode.  I will use this for 2014 with a slight revision to my annual targets.  It should provide a greater chance of success, and be much easier for me to track progress.  Given this, I of course will have to amend the goal up to be slightly higher!  I can also monitor my sleep patterns better and be alert to when the fatigue will be kicking in, and try to slow things down to accommodate.




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