Friday, May 22, 2015

Easter Bunny Lives On

As we approach ten this year, the chances of Easter Bunny continuing, diminish.  So it's a small blessing to still get to experience these precious moments.  These days the amount of help required by Mummy is almost negligible, with self sufficiency kicking in.

This year Easter Bunny also got a hand made carrot card.   But what she wanted most was for Easter Bunny to wake her up, so she could just get a glimpse of him.  When I explained that as old I was, I had never been able to meet him myself. After a few days of pondering, she decided that if he could just slip a photo under her pillow, that would suffice.

After a few days of pondering myself, I came up with a solution that may just work.  I decided to create a desktop background for her laptop, with an image of Easter Bunny, but his face wasn't facing the camera!

Of course, the. I needed to get her to turn the laptop on to see the handiwork!

Then to carefully arrange the display for completeness. 

The end result was super, and there was a shriek of delight very early the following morning, as well as some light hearted amusement at being outwitted by the Easter Bunny. She has vowed next year to be more specific on the photo requirements.

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