Saturday, May 23, 2015

Project Front Fence Update

As with all the projects that need a tradesman, this one is progressing at the pace of a snail.  I get used to arriving home each night, driving over the boarded up drawbridge, and looking at the lack of progress.  Today however I was mighty surprised by the....well progress?  I knew that we needed to get power from the front fence to the house, but I had not expected the cyclone to whip down through the middle of the garden!

Long gone are our natives where the birds sit each morning having their breakfast, the frangapani tree that is the unique colouring on the property and a stack of other darn plant that lived here for the past fifteen years!  Big sigh, oh well I now need to create a new project called front yard renovation post new front fence.

On the other view, the bricks are now up which was good news after leaving angry three brick layers at 6:15 AM this morning who were looking at where the pile of bricks should have been!

In an effort to make painting around the future fixtures a little easier, I took the paint can up to paint the two posts.  Another sigh, yes the electrician thinks that we can have lights on two different places on the pillars.  One will be centred and the other will be right on the edge.  Bound to look lovely I am sure.  Back on the phone with the coordinating tradesman.


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