Saturday, May 23, 2015

New Pets

After some local rain during vacation time, the girls managed to locate a tribe of snails.  Apparently Sam is a water snail, and Crystal is just your run of the mill snail.  After living at school for the past few days, the Director has instructed that the snails are relocated.  Given my child was one of the finders, she was desperate for her two snails to come home.

After several days of nagging me about what snails eat, do and how they live with friends....I finally agreed that the two gross little critters could come home.  We stopped by the cheap store to pick them up a new container, as I refused to let any of my current food containers become a new habitat for slimy and disgusting creatures, even if they do have names.

The next challenge was air holes for breathing.  I managed to find a very small drill bit and create some very professional air holes.  The child was bounding up and down with excitement.  She also whisked off the milk lid to create a bath tub of filtered water fun for the newbies.+

Lettuce was dished up in small bite sized bits, and the snail "schedule" was consulted.  We can feed them apples, mangoes, lettuce, carrots, limes...blah...blah...did I mention they I still think they are disgusting, and they have been banished to the laundry to live.  I have been told that they sleep and are awake at random times, of course I think that they are dead, but then Ruby the aquarium snail did lots of random things as well, and I often thought she was dead.


I am hoping this is a flash in the pan, well not literally given that we are not French!!  I have said at the appropriate time they should be set free to live their lives on the acreage :-)


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