Friday, May 22, 2015


I really don't understand the onesie craze.  I mean, "onesie" how is that even a real word.  Regrettably my 20 year old niece has decided to hand down her onsie to my nine year old.  Understandably the 20 year old is tiny, and the nine year old is tall....but the small adult size onesie is really way too big for both of them.

As you can imagine from the picture, eeyore has a long tail that seems to entice Mummy on the way up the hall each night.  So I skip along behind trying to land on it, giggling away that eeyore seems to have a really really saggy butt! 

The mornings are the funniest, you can never see the youngsters head, just a donkey lying on the pillow. 

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