Sunday, December 15, 2013

2013 Swimming Carnival

It was this time last year that I had set off on a work trip to India.  Unfortunately, I made parent of the year by missing my daughters first swimming carnival.  As luck would have it, work tried to send me back to India for a second trip this year, smack on this year's swimming carnival.  This is the expression that the child beams upon seeing me sitting in the stand this year.

It was well worth the morning off work to be there supporting in the crowd.  I met the Father of one Maddison's friends.  He was also with his wife, whom I had met at the youngsters birthday party last year.  Lovely family.  Although I was slightly caught off guard when the Mother announced that Maddison had told her daughter that I was in love with her Father!  My eyes were wide open in amazement and shock.  I looked at the Father and said I was just being friendly at the athletic carnival, and although you are lovely, I am not in love with you!  Thankfully they both burst out laughing, and invited me to take a seat.

The first race was backstroke.  I glanced over to my friends and said quizzically, and said that I didn't know that Maddison could do backstroke! 

I was right, it was a hilarious trek down the pool, by most of the kids.  But it was fantastic that they had that and breast stroke in the carnival, and that the kids gave it a shot.  Although back stroke was not a big success, the style off the blocks for the freestyle was impressive.

Then there was major cheering from the parent at the half way mark of the race.....

I am really not sure why this child persists on having her ears outside the swim cap.  But there was a big beaming smile at coming in second.

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