Thursday, December 5, 2013

Family Traditions

Do you ever take the time to skip back over some of your favourite childhood memories?  For us, we grew up with a mother who had a terminal illness, so the good memories are even more special.  As we grow older, and seemingly more mature in life, I often watch the intersections of my own relationship with my daughter and in these moments I have only amazement for how a single mother of two small children could possibly have coped.  But she really didn't just cope.  I sure do know where my life long fighting spirit has come from.

We had an extremely frugal upbringing, but I always appreciate the wonderful culinary delights that made there way to the dinner table each night.  Ok, maybe not the parsnip or rabbit, they were not so delightful.  And yes, I always knew that there is a difference between rabbit and chicken, they are different coloured for a start!

Every night we had a two course meal, and the sweets that were whipped up are no doubt to blame for my insatiable sweet tooth.  For school lunches, tuckshop was not on the menu, but Mum had cakes, biscuits and slices down pat, so I never felt like I missed out.  Actually some of my best memories are racing my sister down the hall to see who could get the bowl, spoon or beaters for what ever delicious thing was in train.  Of course when you are an only child you don't have to race!  It is some of these moments where different planes of memories collide, and I know that in time she will repeat these traditions with her own family, and look back fondly on our moments of growing up.


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